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AR/VR Upgrade Potential and its impact to the Tech Industry

Dec 9, 2016 |

We expect industry adoption of AR/VR to drive upgrade cycles in Smartphone, PC, and Cloud Infrastructure, all of which would translate into content growth for Semiconductor components, including Application Processor (AP), CPU, GPU, Network Processor, Modem, DRAM, NAND, Sensors, high-speed networking components, as well as a transition from LCD to higher quality OLED display.

While initial AR/VR implementations will be centred on relatively bulky and conspicuous Head Mounted Display (HMD), we expect HMD technology to evolve to a point where wearing such HMDs would become less onerous and perhaps even more desirable or fashionable for a sophisticated digital lifestyle.

Over the next couple of years, we expect AR/VR to continue to drive upgrade cycles both in Smartphone and PC, as more of the device installed base is made AR/VR ready – we provide a high-level framework to size the market potential for such upgrades. Sizing upgrade potential for Cloud Infrastructure is a topic we may address in a future report.

Table of contents:

  • Key Takeaway 
  • Introduction to AR and VR 
  • Our View on AR vs. VR Debate 
  • Overview of HMD Market Segments 
  • Expect Upgrade Cycles in Smartphone and PC 
  • Component Upgrade Beneficiaries 

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Author: Sundeep Bajikar (
Published Date: December 2016


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