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As demand for tablets grow, Indian vendors face new challenges

Jul 19, 2013 |

Apple launched the iPad in 2010 and it quickly became established and sold in large numbers. Although tablets, as portable basic connected devices had been around for several years, the iPad heralded a new era for the portable connected device and a new market segment was born.

Following the iPad’s success many other PC and smartphone vendors have launched rival products to try and gain a share of this lucrative and growing market. Now, three short years later, this one product has become so popular that it’s a must have offering in every PC and smartphone vendor’s product portfolio.

The developed World has embraced high end Tablets like the iPad, Galaxy Tab and Playbook which are the clear Global leaders in the Tablet market. But in India, these Tablets belong to a small niche market due to their high cost. The Indian Tablet market is dominated by local vendor’s low cost offerings. But both the big Global brands and Indian brands are facing challenges in the Indian market, though very different ones. 

The Global vendors like Apple and Samsung are trying hard to make their tablets mass market devices but have been unable to do so due to their high pricing. Indian vendors, though generating significant sales volumes, are facing different challenges like quality issues, lack of after sales support and the lack of an application ecosystem.


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