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French Channel Checks

Aug 23, 2013 |

We conducted a channel check during week 34 in Paris (22nd and 23rd August 2013), to get a precise idea of the state of mobile phone retail just one week before the busy back-to-school period.
Since the launch of 4th operator Free Mobile in January 2012, the mobile phone market has changed, most particularly for smartphones. Whereas high-end products such as iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Series were heavily subsidized through contracts, Free Mobile introduced unlimited voice and SMS and 3GB of data for only 19,99€ per month without any contract commitment...

< Table of Contents >

  • Free Mobile changed the rules of mobile phone retail in France
  • The raise of open market
  • Consumers keep their device while switching operators
  • Loyalty has become operators’ priority
  • Online retailers are winning ground
  • Fewer sales for mid-tier smartphones
  • New brands entering the smartphone area
  • Lukewarm 4G sales efforts
  • iPhone not pushed by operators in retail
  • Samsung Galaxy S4 winner of our poll


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