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IoT World 2018 : Key OEMs Trends & Analysis

Jun 26, 2018 |


​This report evaluates key vendors across the IoT ecosystem in order to show the complexities of the entire value chain.

Table of  Contents:

  • IoT World 2018 : Introduction & Survey Results across key IoT Players
  • Some Key Companies Exhibiting at IoT World 2018
  • High Level View of How Value is Captured for an End to End IoT  Solution
  • Focusing on the Left of the Value Chain  – Components & Devices – Analyzing Interesting Players
  • Focusing on the Middle of the Value Chain  – Network, Gateways & Connectivity - Analyzing Interesting Players
  • Focusing on the Right of the Value Chain  – System Integrators, Service Providers, Platforms, Apps & Cloud
  • Key Companies – Innovation, Solutions, Business Model & Traction Scorecard at IoT World 2018

Author: Neil Shah
Number of Pages: 39
Published Date: June 2018


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