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The Latest Technological Trend in China from MWC Asia 2018: Smart Devices, 5G and IoT

Oct 3, 2018 |


Smart devices, 5G and IoT were the key topics showcased at MWC Asia 2018 with 5G being the shining star on the stage. During the event, we did not see much innovation in smartphone products. Bezel-less display and AI functionality were the key features smartphone OEMs had highlighted during the event. Other smart devices such as VR handsets and smart speakers are still at an initial development stage in China, as currently hardware technology of these products are still immature to make a real difference in a consumer's life. In telecommunications area, we have seen the 3 operators in China endeavoring and investing to accelerate the development of 5G technologies, as current 4G network capacities in China will be insufficient to satisfy the growing demands on massive broadband and faster data transmission in the country. In terms of Internet of Things, Chinese operators have prioritized the development of NB IoT and achieved commercialization of NB-IoT since 2H 2017. China Telecom is the first operator to achieve nationwide coverage of NB-IoT base stations in China and also the first to announce official tariff plan of NB-IoT, followed by China Unicom and China Mobile. Currently, various NB-IoT enabled products and solutions have been widely adopted in the industrial and public sectors in China. Smart city, smart logistics and smart farming are scenarios, we estimate to generate the largest connection data and meanwhile demonstrate the fastest growth potential in the country. 

Table of Contents:

  • Smart Devices: Insights from China Mobile Device Quality Report
  • 5G and IoT: The latest strategy and development plan of Chinese operators
  • Other insights (development and use cases of AI technology in China)

Number of Pages: 25
Author: Flora Tang
Published Date: October 2018


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