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Top 5 Smartphones in 5 countries : Brazil, UK, China, India, USA

Jul 22, 2014 |

We research 5 countries (Brazil, UK, China, India, USA) Top smartphone models.
Brazil is the first one.

Brazil Top Smartphone Models

Samsung Galaxy S5 and iPhone 5S are the most desirable devices in Brazil. Samsung’s Galaxy S5 was launched in April at a suggested retail price of $1180 (R$s 2599). By June the average retail price has already dropped to $1000 (R$s 2199). On top of that, the device has been heavily subsidized by the carriers. In June, the subsidy of both Claro (AMX) and Vivo (TEM) has been between $450 (R$s 1000) and $550 (R$s 1200).  In addition to price reductions, Samsung has also been promoting the product intensely; a week before the World Cup, it gave a personalized Samsung Galaxy S5 to each member of the Brazilian national team.

Samsung Galaxy S4 has been selling at around $300 (R$s 700) less than Galaxy S5. This is seen as good value for money, as there are few other choices at that price point with 5' display, except for very few models from Sony and LG. 
The brand attractiveness of Samsung counts strongly; end users are willing to pay slightly more for the brand. The Samsung Note III is selling well despite being priced above the Galaxy S5 (similar price in post paid tariffs). This is likely due to its market leading screen size. This points to a segment of the market willing to pay for a true ‘phablet’ large display device...


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