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MOBILE DEVICES MONITOR - Q3 2014 (Vendor Region Countries)

Nov 14, 2014 |

Please find our finalized in-depth Q3 2014 global handset: smartphone & featurephone shipments, marketshare and rankings by region and key countries from our Market Monitor service. 
The report tracks more than 65 top vendor shipments every quarter across regions and countries which contribute to more than 90% of the total global handset volumes and much more at country level. We continue to track multi-million local brands such as India’s( Lava, Bangladesh’s Symphony Mobile, Pakistan’s QMobile, Indonesia’s Evercoss, Philippines’ Starmobile, Nigeria’s Tecno and others.
Summary of the report:
• Global mobile phone shipments reached a third quarter record-high 471 million units in Q3 2014 up a healthy 7.0% annually
• Global smartphone shipments reached 325 million units in Q3 2014 up a healthy 20% annually and now contributes to 69% of the total handset shipments
• China smartphone shipments grew a modest 7% annually and down 5% depicting the high growth days are coming to an end as shipments reached 103 million units but we estimate it to pick up speed November onwards moving in to Chinese holiday season as the 3G/4G inventory levels stabilize 
• China smartphone market still remains bigger than North America+Latin America+Middle East Africacombined almost three-fifth of Asia smartphone market
 India was the largest featurephone market in the world reaching 50 million units for the first time in a quarter contributing to almost a third of the global feature phone shipments and almost 60% of Asia’s feature phone volumes
• India remained the third largest smartphone market in the world bigger than Japan+Korea+Indonesia or Brazil+Russia combined in terms of volumes, a fourth of China smartphone market and now two-thirds of USA smartphone market
• Japan smartphone demand grew annually with pent-up demand for launch of new iPhones whereas S.Korean handset demand was affected due to the new Handset Distribution Act and the market shrunk to slightly above 3 million units
• Brazil now ships more smartphones than Japan recording close to 13 million shipments during the quarter
• Samsung had a tough quarter in terms of profitability as it chased to protect marketshare by shipping more handsets sequentially however the total handset shipments declined by 15% annually out of which the smartphone shipments declined by 10% annually
• Samsung’s global handset market share declined to 22% in Q3 2014 from a peak of 27% in Q3 2013 and global smartphone marketshare plummeted to 24% in Q3 2014 from the peak of 32% in Q3 2013
• Xiaomi was the star performer as demand for its models remained high while moving up the global rankings and becoming the third largest smartphone vendor during the quarter surpassing LG, growing 267% annually 
• Xiaomi continues to be the market leader in smartphone segment second time in a row in its home market China toppling Lenovo and pushing the giant Samsung to third place with a record 16.3% smartphone market share
• Furthermore, Xiaomi is now selling its smartphones to more than five countries outside China which is helping the vendor to maintain the volume growth
• The race for the top spot is close between Xiaomi, Lenovo and Samsung in the world’s largest smartphone market, China.
• Meanwhile, the second largest smartphone brand globally in terms of volumes, Apple, saw its iPhone shipments grow 16% annually shipping a record third quarter high shipment volumes of 39.2 million smartphones 
• Apple iPhone 6 series boosted Apple’s market share during the September month but supply issues held back the overall shipment volumes for Apple which would have been close to 42 million units if Apple had enough supply of iPhones at the launch
• In US market, ZTE (+82% YoY) and LG (+59% YoY) were the fastest growing brands as they captured share away from rivals. LG & ZTE both reached their highest ever marketshare in overall handsets and smartphones during the quarter
• Apple and Samsung’s combined share in smartphones in USA dropped to 60.7% in Q3 2014 from the 70% mark in Q1 2014 as LG, ZTE and Motorola had a good quarter clawing share away from the big two.
• In India, the smartphone market grew a healthy 64% annually with growing traction from domestic and Chinese OEMs. However, Samsung continues to dominate the India smartphone segment with 25% market share followed by Micromax and Karbonn with 20% and 10% market share respectively
• Motorola, Sony and Lava (Excluding Xolo) crossed a million smartphone shipments in India first time ever in a single quarter joining the likes of Samsung , Micromax and Karbonn. Motorola continues to be the fourth largest smartphone brand in India during the quarter  
• The Cupertino vendor, Apple, crossed 1 million units of cumulative iPhone shipments for the first time in its fiscal year ever for India market. The major milestones achieved by above mentioned vendors along with the much talked entry of vendors like Xiaomi signifies the importance of India as a growing smartphone market in APAC region
We are seeing similar trends happening in major emerging economies where local and Chinese backed local brands are taking share away from incumbents such as Samsung, Nokia, LG and others 
Motorola on the other hand saw its smartphone volumes growth by 121% annually and was one of the fastest growing vendor during the quarter
Table of Contents
Pivot - Handset, Smartphone & Featurephone Shipments by OEM / Region / Country
Global Handsets & Smartphones Shipments Region / Country Summary
Global Handsets Shipments & Share
Global Smartphones Shipments & Share
Global Featurephones Shipments & Share
North America Handsets Shipments & Share
- USA Handsets Shipments & Share
- Canada Handsets Shipments & Share
North America Smartphones Shipments & Share
- USA Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Canada Smartphones Shipments & Share
North America Featurephones Shipments & Share
- USA Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Canada Featurephones Shipments & Share
Latin America Handsets Shipments & Share
Latin America Smartphone Shipments & Share
Latin America Featurephones Shipments & Share
Europe Handsets Shipments & Share
Europe Smartphone Shipments & Share
Europe Featurephones Shipments & Share
Asia Handsets Shipments & Share
- Japan Handsets Shipments & Share
- Korea Handsets Shipments & Share
- China Handsets Shipments & Share
- India Handsets Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Handsets Shipments & Share
Asia Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Japan Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Korea Smartphones Shipments & Share
- China Smartphones Shipments & Share
- India Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Smartphones Shipments & Share
Asia Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Japan Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Korea Featurephones Shipments & Share
- China Featurephones Shipments & Share
India Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Featurephones Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Handsets Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Smartphones Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Featurephones Shipments & Share


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