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Market Monitor Q3 2014: Samsung stumbles as local vendors in emerging countries start expanding

Dec 17, 2014 |

The global mobile phone industry reached 471.4 million units phones shipments in Q3 2014, a growth of 6.9% over Q3 2013. Shipments increased in all the regions with Asia accounting for the half of the total shipments in the quarter followed by Europe. In terms of countries, the shipment volume was driven by China and India, accounting for 38.9% of the total shipment volume.
Smartphone remained the key segment with 68.9% of the share of the total handset shipments. This segment had a growth of 19.4% (y-o-y) reaching 325 million shipments in Q3 2014. Smartphones grew across all geographies except Asia primarily due the decline in countries like China and Korea. Again smartphone market was driven by Asian countries followed by Europe.
Meanwhile, feature phones demand declined by 13% (y-o-y). Asian countries such as India, South East Asia remain the key feature phone markets, with Asia alone accounting for more than half of the global feature phone shipments. India was the largest feature phone market in the world reaching 50 million units for the first time in a quarter contributing to almost a third of the global feature phone shipments and almost 60% of Asia’s feature phone volumes
Feature phones in Q3 2014 represent a mere 31.1% of total handset shipments compared to 72% in Q1 2011.
We predict that smartphone industry will reach a record US$ 300 billion mark during CY 2014 in wholesale shipment revenues for the first time, thanks to rising adoption of smartphones
In terms of Technology, LTE was the fastest growing segment as the total demand more than doubled compared to last year and crossing 100 million units in a quarter for the first time ever...



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