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MOBILE DEVICES MONITOR - Q2 2015 (Vendor Region Countries)

Aug 15, 2015 |

The report tracks now more than 75 top vendor shipments every quarter across regions and countries which contribute to almost 90% of the total global smartphone volumes and much more at country level. We continue to track multi-million local brands such as India’s Intex, Bangladesh’s Symphony Mobile, Pakistan’s QMobile, Indonesia’s Evercoss, Thailand’s Samart iMobile, Nigeria’s Tecno and added new brands from OnePlus, iBall to Latin American brands such as Lanix, Positivo, Multilaser, BMobile along with Global brands.


To quickly summarize:


  • Global mobile phone shipments reached 462 million units globally in Q2 2015, up 5% annually

  • Global smartphone shipments reached 350 million units in Q2 2015 up 13% annually and now contributes to three-fourths of the total mobile phone shipments as feature phone market shrunk 15% annually to 112 million units

  • As per our finalized estimates, China smartphone shipments  remained flat annually and increased 5% sequentially as smartphone shipments reached 108 million units during the quarter.

  • The weak growth was a result of muted economic environment, smartphone market saturation and lack of product related catalysts. Apart from this the reduction of subsidies by all three operators also led to slow smartphone growth during the quarter

  • USA market grew 10% annually stimulated by aggressive plans from carriers like Verizon and T-Mobile which together sold more smartphones than AT&T or Sprint and also successfully lowered their churn rate .But going forward we expect carrier subsidy and contract model will have less say on the smartphone purchase as it was couple of years ago and replacement rate will decline due to less incremental benefits in new smartphone flagships  impacting the purchase of end user.

  • India was the largest featurephone market in the world contributing to almost a fourth of global feature phone shipments. However, the smartphone segment registered  Y/Y increase of 34% and Q/Q increase of 25%.

  • After declining for two consecutive quarters both the overall handset market and smartphone market regained sequential growth.

  • India remained the third largest smartphone market in the world bigger than South East Asia combined in terms of volumes but still less than a fourth of China smartphone market, lot of growth still possible

  • Latin America smartphone shipments reached 37 million units growing a healthy 21% annually. However the smartphone shipments in key markets like Brazil and Mexico declined sequentially

  • Middle East Africa was the fastest growing market during Q2 2015, as smartphone shipments reached 35 million units. The proliferation of smartphone brands like Tecno, iTel, Infinix, Innjoo coupled with strong performance of Chinese brands like Huawei,ZTE led to the increase in smartphone shipments during the quarter.Apple despite the seasonality still showed healthy shipments in the region.

  • Samsung saw its smartphone shipments slide 1% annually but declined 11% sequentially as the Galaxy S6 series launch did not move the needle or arrest the slowing growth

  • Apple posted yet another strong quarter for both revenue and sales for iPhone with shipments at 47.5 Mn . China continues to be the strongest market for Apple as it now corresponds to almost 27% of the total corporate revenues. Regionally, iPhone recorded strong sales in countries like Korea, India,China, Vietnam, Malaysia, USA, Germany and Turkey

  • Chinese brands such as HuaweiZTE, Xiaomi, Vivo and Oppo were the fastest growing brands during the quarter and moved up the rankings significantly

  • Huawei became the world’s third largest handset as well as smartphone brand for the first time ever surpassing Microsoft (Nokia)

  • China's Vivo & Oppo are the brands to watch out for which swiftly moved up the rankings with strong performance in China & South East Asian markets. These brands unlike Xiaomi, Honor or Nubia are actually aggressively going after traditional offline retail distribution channels with mid- to premium devices but still priced competitively compared to Samsung and headturning designs​


Table of Contents
Pivot - Handset, Smartphone & Featurephone Shipments by OEM / Region / Country
Global Handsets & Smartphones Shipments Region / Country Summary
Global Handsets Shipments & Share
Global Smartphones Shipments & Share
Global Featurephones Shipments & Share
North America Handsets Shipments & Share
- USA Handsets Shipments & Share
- Canada Handsets Shipments & Share
North America Smartphones Shipments & Share
- USA Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Canada Smartphones Shipments & Share
North America Featurephones Shipments & Share
- USA Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Canada Featurephones Shipments & Share
Latin America Handsets Shipments & Share
Latin America Smartphone Shipments & Share
Latin America Featurephones Shipments & Share
Europe Handsets Shipments & Share
Europe Smartphone Shipments & Share
Europe Featurephones Shipments & Share
Asia Handsets Shipments & Share
- Japan Handsets Shipments & Share
- Korea Handsets Shipments & Share
- China Handsets Shipments & Share
- India Handsets Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Handsets Shipments & Share
Asia Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Japan Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Korea Smartphones Shipments & Share
- China Smartphones Shipments & Share
- India Smartphones Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Smartphones Shipments & Share
Asia Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Japan Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Korea Featurephones Shipments & Share
- China Featurephones Shipments & Share
India Featurephones Shipments & Share
- Rest of Asia Featurephones Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Handsets Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Smartphones Shipments & Share
Middle East & Africa Featurephones Shipments & Share



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