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MOBILE DEVICES MONITOR - Q2 2015 (Vendor Shipments Technology)

Aug 15, 2015 |

Quarterly handset shipments by different cellular air-interface technologies (e.g. LTE, WCDMA, TD-SCDMA, etc.) for 75+ OEMs covering majority of the global handset volumes.

Summarizing the landscape in Q2 2015 below:

• Global handset shipments grew 5% annually recording 462 million units in shipments, a second quarter shipment record
• LTE was the fastest growing segment as the total demand continued to more than double compared to last year reaching just shy of 200 million units in a quarter
• LTE is the number one cellular access technology in mobile phones surpassing WCDMA/UMTS/HSPA as well as broader but shrinking 2G GSM segment
• One in three phones or one in two smartphones shipped globally now is a LTE capable phone which means LTE technology is now a de-facto standard in mobile handsets and will become more ubiquitous with scale, trickling down the price-tiers and proliferating faster than any advanced technology ever
• The next growth for LTE will come from Europe this year, Latin America, India and parts of Asia in following years opening up plethora of opportunities for all the players in value chain from component suppliers to manufacturers to operators to app, content and services providers to drive highly-connected use-cases, form-factors and greater on-device usage
• China & US were the biggest markets driving LTE shipment volumes with a combined share of almost 62% of the total LTE phones shipped globally during the quarter
• China alone contributed to almost 50% of the LTE shipments in one of the coming quarters this year, generating massive scale for devices OEMs, component vendors and operators to flourish. Huawei was the top LTE smartphone supplier followed by Xiaomi and Apple.
• LTE shipments more than doubled in China, India, Rest of Asia and LATAM, thanks to number of brands moving towards an all-LTE portfolio and sub$ 120 wholesale LTE phones
• Apple was the leading LTE phone supplier with rising demand for its iPhones capturing 23% share followed by Samsung at 18% share as the Korean vendor is pushing down LTE capabilities in sub-$150 price points
• Huawei & Xiaomi to become the third and fourth largest LTE brands globally, thanks to strong sales for LTE capable Honor series and Xiaomi’s all-LTE portfolio especially Redmi 2 being the hottest LTE smartphone.
• In 3G UMTS/WCDMA segment, Samsung was the leading supplier with almost 28% share followed by Alcatel, Huawei & ZTE
• Top 30 LTE smartphone markets in Q2 2015 in terms of total LTE smartphones shipped of the total smartphone market are as follows:



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