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Q2 2016: Oppo & Vivo Enters Global Top Five; Global Smartphone Rankings

Sep 13, 2016 |

Second quarter of the year 2016 recorded mobile shipment of 459 million units.  Huawei, Oppo and Vivo all have a significant grip over the market – though polarized across specific geographic. New Chinese & Indian brands have become highly competitive not only from time-to-market perspective but also in offering thinner, metallic and premium designed LTE phablets. LTE was the fastest growing segment in Q2 2016. China, India, Russia, Brazil and Indonesia are some of the key markets to watch for LTE smartphones. 

Table of Contents:

  • Brief Overview of Q2 2016 Market
  • Key Highlights  
  • Vendor Analysis
    ​- Samsung
    ​- Apple
    ​- Huawei 
  • Summary by Cellular Air-Interface in Mobile Phones 
  • Conclusion                          

List of Charts:

  • Chart 1: Mobile Phones Annual Growth in Key Markets, 2012Q1-2016Q2 
  • Chart 2:  Smartphone Annual Growth in Key Markets, 2013Q3-2016Q2 
  • Chart 3:  Smartphone Penetration of Total Mobile Phone Shipments by Geography – Q2 2016 
  • Chart4:  Global Handset Shipments OEM Market Share (%) Q2 2016 
  • Chart 5: Global Smartphone Shipments OEM Market Share (%) Q2 2016 
  • Chart 6: Global Samsung Annual Shipments Growth (%), 2012Q3-2016Q2 
  • Chart 7: Samsung Smartphone Market Share (%) By Region Q2 2014 vs Q2 2015 vs Q2 2016 
  • Chart 8: Global Apple Annual Shipments Growth (%), 2013Q4-2016Q2 
  • Chart 9: Huawei Annual Shipments by Region (Millions of Units) 2012Q3-2016Q2 
  • Chart 10: Q2 2016: LTE Smartphone Shipments Share by OEM 
  • Chart 11: Q2 2016: LTE Smartphone Shipments Share by Country 

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Published Date: September 2016


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