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Market Monitor Q3 2022 - Quarterly Market Detailed Overview

Jan 13, 2023 | Author : Harmeet Singh Walia, Mohammed Junaid


The global smartphone market declined 12% YoY but increased 3% QoQ in Q3 2022 to 301.9 million units. Apple and Samsung’s quarterly growth helped global smartphone shipments rise above 300 million units, a level it failed to reach last quarter due to weak consumer sentiment stemming from political and economic instability. Smartphone shipments in China grew 8% QoQ in Q3 2022. However, they fell 11% YoY in the quarter due to weak demand and the sluggish economic conditions resulting from the widespread lockdowns in the country. While other major OEMs declined YoY in Q3 2022, only Apple registered a YoY growth during the quarter driven by strong demand for the iPhone 14 series. Smartphone shipments in India declined 11% YoY due to weak consumer demand caused by the inflationary macroeconomic environment. However, the country’s shipments grew 24% QoQ in Q3 2022 to reach 45.3 million units. Smartphone shipments in the Latin America (LATAM) region declined 11% YoY and 17% QoQ in Q3 2022 to reach 28.3 million units. Brazil led the market with 9.7 million shipments, despite a 9% YoY decline. Meanwhile, Brazil’s share in the LATAM region grew to 34% in Q3 2022 from 32% in Q2 2022. 5G smartphone shipments grew 18% YoY and 11% QoQ in Q3 2022 to reach 163 million units globally. While Apple continued to lead,  Samsung ranked second with a five-percentage point YoY growth in its market share. NAM’s 5G shipments increased both 17% QoQ and 40% YoY in Q3 2022 to reach 30 million units. The YoY growth was driven by the rise in 5G smartphones from Apple and Samsung.

Counterpoint’s Market Monitor - Quarterly Market Detailed Overview is an insightful report providing detailed analysis of the vendor activity and performance, measuring both volume and revenue by sell-in by major region and key countries (70+) and top (140+) vendors covering close to 96% of the global handset shipments. It is one of the detailed industrywide services providing an analysis of the key market drivers broken out by volume and value – which OEMs, brands and models are performing well, in which markets and why. Based on the in-depth analysis and primary knowledge, the report also gives the smartphone industry shipments forecast.

This robust quarterly report with fact-based deep analysis covering multiple dimensions and the robust forecast will help players across the handset value chain to holistically analyse the current state of the global handset market and plan ahead of the competition.

The report is Relevant to:

  • Smartphone OEMs
  • Feature Phone OEMs
  • Component players
  • Smartphone Industry Investors

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Market Analysis
    • Overview
    • Revenue by Device Type and Revenue Share by Key OEMs
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Shipment Share by Price band
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Market Share by Region
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Market Growth by Region
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Share by Key OEMs
    • Smartphone Market and Feature Phone OEM Share
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Market Key OEM Growth
    • Smartphone and Feature Phone Market – Country Share
    • Smartphone Market Share by Brand Category
    • Global Top 10 Best Selling Smartphone Models
  • Market Analysis by Air Interface: LTE, WCDMA, GSM
    • Handset Shipment by Tech – Growth of 5G
    • Penetration of Air Interface by Region
  • Smartphone – Regional-Deep Dive
    • North America, Europe, Central, and Latin America, Asia Pacific, MEA – Handset Shipment, smartphone share by country and OEMs
    • Top Selling Smartphones by Region
    • Smartphone ASP by Region
  • Smartphone – Market Analysis by Key OEMs
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs by Region
    • Chinese Brands: Top 5 Smartphones OEMs by Region
    • Local Brands: Top 5 Smartphones OEMs by Region
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs Analysis by Price Band
    • Top 5 Smartphone OEMs Analysis by ASP
    • Key Smartphone OEM Analysis
      • Apple, Samsung, Huawei, Xiaomi, vivo – Regional and country analysis, top 10 models by shipments
  • Growth Arenas
  • Smartphone – Specification Analysis – Camera setup, Megapixels, Battery Capacity, DRAM, NAND, OS, and SoC
  • Featured Report: South Korea Smartphone Market, 2022
  • Contacts

Number of Pages: 90
Published Date: January 2023


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