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Mobile Devices monitor - Q3 2013

Nov 19, 2013 |

Regional Quarterly Report for Q3 2013 : Mobile Devices

The global mobile phone industry reached a record third quarter high of 441 million units phones shipments growing 6% annually and sequentially.
Smartphone remained the key segment within mobile phones growing 46% annually and 10% sequentially to reach an all-time record 272 million units shipments in Q3 2013.
Meanwhile, feature phones demand continued to slide (-26% annually) globally except India and few Asian and African markets where it showed some positive growth.
The overall growth continued to saturate in developed markets whereas emerging markets continued to register healthy growth with growing demand for smartphones and addition of newer cellular subscribers in many markets across Asia and Africa.


< Table of Contents : Market Monitor Q3 2013 Analysis >

 1. Asian Brands Drive Global Smartphone Shipments to a Record 272 Million Units, 62% Penetration
 2. Vendor Analysis
   - Samsung
   - Apple
   - Nokia
   - LG
   - Huawei
   - Next Top Brands
3. Conclusions
4. Background

+) Quarterly Market Monitor Q3 2013(Pivot)


* Pivot Table & Charts 
  - Handsets Shipments by OEM / Region / Country
  - Smartphone Shipments by OEM / Region / Country
  - Handsets & Smartphones Master Chart

* Tables 
1.1 Global Handsets 
1.2 Global Smartphones 

2.1 North America Handsets 
   - USA Handsets 
   - Canada Handsets 
2.1 North America Smartphones 
   - USA Smartphones 
   - Canada Smartphones 

3.1 Latin America Handsets 
3.2 Latin America Smartphone 

4.1 Europe Handsets 
4.2 Europe Smartphones

5.1 Asia Handsets 
   - Japan Handsets 
   - Korea Handsets 
   - China Handsets 
   - India Handsets 
   - Rest of Asia Handsets 
5.2 Asia Smartphones 
   - Japan Smartphones 
   - Korea Smartphones 
   - China Smartphones 
   - India Smartphones 
   - Rest of Asia Smartphones 

6.1 Middle East & Africa Handsets 
6.2 Middle East & Africa Smartphones 

7. Definitions

8. Contacts


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