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Monthly Market Pulse - May 2019

Jun 28, 2019 | Author : Counterpoint Research

Key Takeaways

  • Global Sell-in and Sell-Through Inclines.
    • Sell-through grew 3% compared to April. It could have been better but the Huawei trade ban has taken it’s toll as a mismatch in the market seems to have occurred. All major markets like China, India, Japan, UK, Germany, Korea showed growth but Huawei was absent in most countries.
    • Sell in grew more than 7% as Huawei only hit the brakes in last May we assume. The mismatch in the market allows inventory to grow. This will limit growth in the second half. We believe Samsung, OPPO, Xiaomi to be considered as substitutes for Huawei devices in EU and South Asia.
  • Huawei & Apple Decline, While Samsung, Oppo, Vivo and Xiaomi Register MoM Growth.
  • Apple declined 3.3% MoM, primarily due to seasonality. Apple flagship devices account for more than half of its total sales during the month.
  • Samsung flagship gathered moderate demand but it’s the A series that’s driving strong demand across the regions. This is being driven by strong promotional activities and offline retail push.
  • Huawei declined in EU, but dip in demand was offset by strong uptake in China. Customers in EU postponed their purchase intention for Huawei devices, but the brand continues to drive strong demand for P30 series and Nova 4 series in home market.
  • Apple & Samsung Continue to Dominate Premium Price Bands, LG Makes an Impact
    • Apple continues to maintain its lead in ultra-premium and premium price bands with its flagships (including iPhone XR) accounting for more than half of its total sales during the month.
    • Samsung gained marginally in $600-$799 price band while Huawei’s share declined. Samsung too has been running discounts on flagship models. LG also gained and made an impact with V50 ThinQ series.
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Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: June 2019


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