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Monthly Market Pulse - June 2019

Jul 28, 2019 | Author : Counterpoint Research

Key Takeaways: 

  • Global Handset Sell-in Inclined Marginally, Sell-Through Declined
    • June handset sell in rose to 150.5 million in June as Huawei’s push in China was tremendous. It seems to be targeting 40%+ market share in China.
    • Sell through dropped to 146.1 million as US showed weakness due to T-Mobile’s slow down. Japan and Korea also were seasonally low. Europe and South East Asia were weak due to a mismatch in supply and demand which we think is because of Huawei leaving a gap in the market.
  • Huawei & Apple Decline, While Samsung and Xiaomi Register MoM Growth.
    • Samsung’s market share peaked in last 12 months driven by A series targeted at <$300 price bands. The growth has come from strong uptake in India and SE Asian nations. Samsung 5G devices continue to do well in South Korea.
    • Apple sales declined due to seasonality across all markets including US, China and EU. iPhone XR accounted for ~35% of the total Apple sales.
    • Huawei took a big hit (68% MoM decline in EU) in June post the US sourcing ban. Operators in EU remained apprehensive and uncertain of the situation during the month of June. Decline in EU was marginally offset by 18% MoM sales growth in China. Huawei continues to sit on high volumes of inventory.
  • Apple & Samsung Dominate Premium Price Bands, While LG & OnePlus Continue to Challenge
    • Apple took majority of the share in ultra premium price band with iPhone XS/Max models, followed by Samsung Galaxy S10 5G.
    • In $600-$799 price band, iPhone XR remained the best-selling smartphone that drove up the Apple’s share. Samsung Galaxy S10 non-5G series was second best selling followed by Huawei P30 Pro. LG G8 ThinQ and OnePlus 7 helped their respective brands stay relevant in this price band.

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Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: July 2019


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