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Monthly Market Pulse - January 2015

Feb 25, 2015 |

The Market: Sales in general has been quite stable during January. Therefore, not major
YoY or MoM volume shift. Sell in dropped as the channel is working on decrease inventory
built during Christmas season. Many Asian countries and the US sales of devices grew.
While other markets, such as the European, declined MoM.

Smartphones penetration is at all time high. It increased 4% MoM, up to 78% in January
2014. This growth is driven mainly by increasing 4G devices. LTE represented 58% of all
smartphones sold in January, 5% higher than previous month.

Vendors: The smartphone landscape showed some level of stability but some share shifted
substantially. The biggest loser has been Apple following the outstanding success in
December 2014, Samsung has also lost share slightly. The momentum remains with Lenovo,
including Motorola, Microsoft/Nokia, multiple Chinese and Regional brands.

Price-band analysis: Apple and Samsung dominate the premium segment with combined
share of 92%. Samsung dominates $400 to $499, but a large group of Others is chipping
away at the Tier 1 vendors including Samsung in all price bands below $399

Hardware Features: high end features continue to grow. More than half of the smartphone
sold in January are above 5” display and have Quad-core processors. Excluding iPhone,
smartphone cameras have been averaging above 9 megapixel since Oct 2014. During Jan-
2015, display size averaged, 4.9”


Table of Contents

  • Key Tekeaways
  • Monthly Research Topics
    • Pre-Chinese New Year Mobile Phone Sales
  • The Market
    • Market Sizing - Demand and Supply
    • O/S landscape
    • Market by Price band 
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Country Analysis: US/China/Korea/Japan
    • Market share by Price band
    • Vendor Analysis: revenue structures
  • Features and Specs
    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    • Average feature sets
    • Vendor market share by feature set 
  • Hit model lists for major vendors, globally


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