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Monthly Market Pulse - August 2019

Oct 1, 2019 | Author : Hanish Bhatia

Key Takeaways: 

  • Global Handset Sell-in & Sell-Through Declined
    • Sell-through was weak during August as it was the holiday season and most European markets were weak. India also showed weakness in demand as with other Asian markets. Japan and Korea were the only markets showing an uptick in sell-out.
    • Sell-in was stronger than sell-through. It dropped only slightly to 153 million units. Still high and increasing inventory levels in the market. We think the Huawei incident has left a mismatch in the market and demand will be weak till the end of the year and inventory woes will continue.
  • Apple, Samsung Declined MoM, Huawei and Vivo Register Growth
    • Samsung remains strong with A-series accounting for more than 60% of its volumes. A seasonal dip in demand for other models was offset by the new Galaxy Note 10 models.
    • Apple’s iPhone XR demand was slightly weaker than previous month. Old generation models performed better driven by promotions in Europe, Japan and a few SE Asian markets.
    • The share of the US$300-US$599 price band declined by two percentage points, due to a collective dip in demand for mid-tier HOVX models as well as Samsung Galaxy A series to some extent.
  • Apple Dominates Ultra-Premium & Premium Price Band
    • Samsung gained in ultra-premium price band with Galaxy Note 10 series. Meanwhile, demand of Apple flagships was weaker than last month in anticipation of new the iPhone 11 models.
    • Huawei gained share in premium price band, driven by P30 Pro demand in Europe markets. Apple gained marginally in US$300-US$599 price band as iPhone 7 and 8 continue to do well, especially in Japan, Australia and few SEA markets.
    • Huawei gained significant share in US$200-US$299 price band. This was due to collective demand of Nova 5/5i Pro, Y9 Prime and HONOR 9X series.

Author: Hanish Bhatia
Number of Pages: 39
Published Date: October 2019


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