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Monthly Market Pulse - February 2015

Mar 24, 2015 |


  • The Market: At 4.8% Y/Y, the market exhibits decent annual growth although is seasonally down sequentially as the effects of the Lunar New Year holiday impacts together with some poor weather conditions in some areas and a short month limited retail sales.  
  • Smartphones: Negative penetration growth, it decreased -.3% M/M, but increased 11.2% Y/Y. February 2015 smartphone penetration was about 76.7%.  The annual growth is driven mainly by smartphone price erosion and increasing sales of 4G.  LTE represented 59% of all smartphones sold in February, and a 27.5pp Y/Y increase.
  • Vendors: Smartphone landscape was stable with minor shift on brand’s participation. The biggest market share winner in February was Samsung with 1.3pp gain driven by both smartphone and feature-phone upticks. The momentum remains with Lenovo, including Motorola, Huawei and multiple Chinese and Regional brands.
  • Price-band analysis:  Apple and Samsung dominate the premium segment with combined share of 92%. Samsung dominates the price bands between $300 to $499.  A large group of Others is chipping away the Tier 1 vendors, including Samsung, in all price bands below $299.
  • Hardware Features: Growth of the premium features slowed down in February; driven by the growth of below $99 smartphones. Still more than half of the smartphone sold in February are above 5” display and have Quad-core processors. Excluding iPhone, smartphone cameras in February averaged 8.33 megapixel, and display size 4.3” 
  • Monthly Research Topic: MWC key insights from the 2015 show


Table of Contents

  • Key Tekeaways
  • Monthly Research Topics
    • MWC key insights from the 2015 show
  • The Market
    • Market Sizing - Demand and Supply
    • O/S landscape
    • Market by Price band 
  • Competitive Landscape
    • Country Analysis: US/China/Korea/Japan
    • Market share by Price band
    • Vendor Analysis: revenue structures
  • Features and Specs
    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    • Average feature sets
    • Vendor market share by feature set 
  • Hit model lists for major vendors, globally


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