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Monthly Market Pulse - March 2015

Apr 28, 2015 |

Below is a brief summary of the report. 

o   The Market: : After the Chinese New Year sales in China decreased. India, the world's second largest market, also experienced a sharp drop in demand as tax and Import duties increased suddenly. Also the continuing strong dollar affects the foreign exchange rates hurting demand to recover. Supply also drops as the shift towards premium products bring shortage in key components such as premium tier camera sensors.  

o   Smartphones: Despite the low demand in overall handsets smartphone penetration increases by 1ppt mainly driven by Android OS populating in the low cost handset segment. Feature phone share reaches a low 24%.

o   Vendors: Samsung continues its recovery as it is the least vulnerable in the foreign exchange rate changes, import tax increase and camera sensor shortages. Apple’s iPhone 6 sales is decreasing following its life cycle. Indian vendors and Chinese vendors both experienced drops in sales as the domestic markets faltered.

o   Price-band analysis:  Share of lower(<$99) segment increased led by sales of low end phones from Nokia and local vendors. Samsung lowers price to spur demand and continues its domination in mid range smartphones.

o   Monthly Research Topic: Special report on Vietnam.


Table of Contents

Key Takeaways
Monthly Research Topic
- Developing Market Analysis-Vietnam
The Market
- Market Sizing – Demand and Supply
- O/S landscape
- Market by Price band
Competitive Landscape
- Country Analysis: US/China/Korea/Japan
- Market share by Price band
- Vendor Analysis: revenue structures
Features and Specs
- Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
- Average feature sets
- Vendor market share by feature set
Hit model lists for major vendors, globally

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