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Monthly Market Pulse - December 2019

Feb 3, 2020 | Author : Hanish Bhatia

Key Takeaways:

  • Global Handset Sell-in Inclines While Sell-Through Declines
    • Sell through in December fell 2% from November as the holiday season started and working days were reduced. Most of the major markets like China and Europe saw a drop in sell through sales compared to November. However, sales in USA and Japan rose.
    • Sell in was expected to have been weak, but it rose slightly in December. We think this is due to the 5G start in countries like China. The start of large promotions and marketing activity is causing several vendors to push volumes into the market.
  • Apple Continues its Growth Trajectory, While Samsung and Huawei Register Decline
    • Apple inclined 5.3% MoM and 7.6% YoY driven by demand in the US and EU. iPhone 11 series remained in strong demand in western countries due to the long holiday festive season.
    • Samsung declined 4% MoM and 4.8% YoY as demand dipped in India after the end of festive season last month. Demand in S.Korea remained strong for flagship devices. Mid range A-series continues to did well in offline channels.
    • Huawei declined 6.2% MoM and 4.9% YoY. It declined in China too due to weaker overall market. Oppo and Vivo are giving strong competition to Huawei’s mid-range Nova 5 series. The new Nova 6 5G series also did well. Vivo emerged as second largest brand in India ahead of Samsung in Q4 2019.
  • Apple Continues To Maintain Stronghold in Ultra-Premium & Premium Price Band
    • In the ultra-premium price band ($800+), the top two best-selling models accounted for more than 75% of total sell-through. Overall sell-through in ultra premium price band remained flat as higher demand in western countries was offset by a dip in other regions.
    • Sell-through in premium ($600-$799) price band increased almost 7% MoM. This was driven by Apple and Google. Samsung S10 and premium A-series demand declined marginally. LG G8 ThinQ demand also weakened after a strong uptake last month.

Table of Contents: 

  • Key Takeaways
  • Global Mobile Handset Market Analysis
  • Country-Level Smartphone Market Analysis
  • Global Hardware Feature Analysis
  • Global Hit Model Analysis

Author: Hanish Bhatia
Number of Pages: 39
Published Date: February 2020


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