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Monthly Market Pulse - May 2015

Jun 25, 2015 |

Sales of Samsung’s Galaxy S6 family (Edge and standard) are starting to falter. This might be expected in month four but not in month two. Production issues with the Edge display has held back sales of the more popular model. Those lost sales likely won’t be recovered due to the rapidity product life cycles. Samsung is likely considering pricing action to regain momentum.

One consequence of recent launches including the Galaxy S6 family is to more firmly settle the ‘sweet-spot’ display size for Android products to between 5” and 5.5”. Human factors are likely the key driver of the display size emphasis.

One of the biggest surprises in May was the strong performance of Microsoft/Nokia. The irony of this performance is the June 17th announcement that Microsoft is reorganising its business units including the devices unit. This likely means a shift to focus on developing concepts rather than chasing market share.

Huawei continues to look like a formidable player on a global basis. It is gaining share on rivals in multiple markets thanks to a combination of strong products, a dual pronged brand strategy and broad distribution. What it lacks in ecosystem completeness it makes up with execution competence. It’s largely excluded from the US however.


Table of Contents

  • Key Tekeaways

  • Monthly Research Topics

    • Relationship between Oppoand Vivo

  • The Market

    • Market Sizing - Demand and Supply

    • O/S landscape

    • Market by Price band 

  • Competitive Landscape

    • Country Analysis: US/China/Korea/Japan

    • Market share by Price band

    • Vendor Analysis: revenue structures

  • Features and Specs

    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates

    • Average feature sets

    • Vendor market share by feature set 

  • Hit model lists for major vendors, globally


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