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Handset Smartphone Monthly Sell in vs Sell through_July 2020

Sep 2, 2020 | Author : Varun Mishra


This is the excel report that shows the monthly global sell in vs sell through for handset and smartphone. Sales were better overall in July as demand is recovering in many regions. Huawei has been actively increasing inventory of not just components but finished products. Xiaomi, Oppo are also following suit and increasing inventory. The market is in recovery so some inventory excess may not cause significant problems – depending on the mix of models.

Samsung sell through recovered better than sell in, as its core markets like LATAM, India, Europe continued to recover. Apple Sell through remained stable as iPhone SE 2020 and iPhone 11 continue to do well. Inventory reduced from older models as sell in reduces. Apple is gearing up for new launches later in the year.


Author: Varun Mishra
Published Date: September 2020


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