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Monthly Market Pulse - January 2022

Mar 1, 2022 | Author : Varun Mishra


Smartphone Market declines in January due to seasonality and resurgence of COVID

  • The Global Handset market sales and shipments both declined in January 2022. January is usually a low season for the smartphone market. Added to this, was also the effect of the rising COVID-19 wave (Omicron variant) in India and Southeast Asia, which further dampened demand.  China was the only major market to register MoM growth driven by Lunar new year sales, but this was not able to offset the decline in other markets

Apple holds top spot in January, Samsung declines. Vivo becomes #1 in China

  • Despite a 15% MoM decline in sales post the yearend holiday season demand, Apple continued to be the #1 OEM Globally in January
  • Samsung lost share in January due to a mix of factors, including seasonality post the holiday season, the slowdown in several of its core markets like India, SEA due to COVID resurgence and consumers holding on to their devices in the flagship segment anticipating the launch of the S22 series in February.

Premium segment loses ground in January, US$200-US$299 gains

  • The share of US$600 and above price segment declined as demand for premium devices slowed down post the year end holiday season sales. The demand for iPhone 13 series slowed after the initial months of sales. Samsung also slowed down, as consumers held on to their devices, waiting for the S22 series to launch in February. This led to Samsung losing share in the US$800 and above price segment.
  • The share of US$200 to US$299 price band increased in January. HONOR, Xiaomi gained share. The gains were a direct impact of Lunar new year sales promotions in China.

Table of Contents:

  • Global Sell-in vs Sell through
  • Global Smartphone Market Analysis: Market Share by OEMs, Price band
  • USA, China, India, Europe Smartphone Market Analysis and insights
  • Global Hardware Feature Analysis: Key Specs – Camera, Display, RAM, NAND
  • Global Hit Models

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Published Date: March 2022


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