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Monthly Market Pulse: December 2022

Jan 30, 2023 | Author : Varun Mishra

Table of Contents:

  • Global Sell-in vs Sell through
  • Global Smartphone Market Analysis: Market Share by OEMs, Price band
  • USA, China, India, Europe Smartphone Market Analysis, and insights
  • Global Hardware Feature Analysis: Key Specs – Camera, Display, RAM, NAND
  • Global Hit Models

Insights on the global smartphone market in December 2022:

  • Smartphone sales and shipments grow MoM; Shipments above sales as China prepares for pent-up demand in Q1 ‘23;
  • Apple takes #1 spot globally in Q4 ’22, captures #2 for 2022 in China for the first time ever; Samsung takes #1 spot in India for Q4 ’22;
  • $600-$799 grows as iPhone 14 sales benefit from holiday season sales; <$200 declines as inflationary pressures hold back demand;

Number of Pages: 45

Published Date: January 2023


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