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Monthly Market Pulse - February 2017

Mar 29, 2017 |

Monthly Market Pulse - Feb 2017

Please find herewith the Jan 2017 edition of the Counterpoint Research Market Pulse.


  • February is a tough month. It’s short contains Lunar New Year and, in the Northern hemisphere at least, has grim weather that keeps shoppers home in the warm. Add to this the fact that many key product launches occur in the months that immediately follow and it’s no wonder that sales are pretty muted. 
  • The run of the Chinese duo of Oppo and Vivo still looks good on a year over year basis, despite February’s softness.
  • MWC has come and gone for another year. New visitor records were set again with the event diversifying; 5G was inevitably widely discussed with IoT being a key use case under discussion

Table of Contents:

Key Takeaways
Monthly Research Topic

- Trends and predictions 
The Market
- Market Sizing - Demand and Supply
- O/S landscape
- Market by Price band
Competitive Landscape
- Country Analysis: US/China/India
- Market share by Price band
- Vendor Analysis: revenue structures
Features and Specs
- Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
- Average feature sets
- Vendor market share by feature set

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Published Date: March 2017


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