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Monthly Market Pulse - June 2018

Jul 28, 2018 |

Sell-through was slightly up over May. This is mainly because of new model launches by many Chinese players. However, this was offset by sell-through volume lower in Japan, Spain, UK, Korea compared to last month. The US was up slightly. Overall sell-in was slightly up MoM. We saw a slight uptick in China, Germany and Australia sequentially. 

Huawei saw healthy growth (+49% YoY) in overall sell-through volumes. P20 series did exceptionally well, crossing five million during the month. Xiaomi grew 21% YoY after its product refresh in China. Apple’s domination continues in ultra-premium tier ($800 and above) with iPhone X. Samsung’s sell-through volume was down due to its weak performance in the feature phone segment – notably in India where Samsung is losing out to Jio. Nevertheless, Reliance Jio’s sell-through was slightly weak compared to the previous month. 

Key Takeaways

  • Monthly Research Topic
    • MWC Asia 2018
  • Global Market Status
    • Market Sizing – Demand & Supply / Price band
    • Market Share – Vendor / Price band
  • Major Country Landscape
    • US Market Landscape
    • China Market Landscape
    • India Market Landscape
  • Trends in Features and Specs
    • Hardware trends and feature adoption rates
    • Average feature sets
    • Vendor market share by feature set
  • Hit Model Analysis
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Author: Counterpoint
Published Date: July 2018


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