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Amazon Company Profile - Robotics

Jul 5, 2022 | Author : Anshika Jain & Abdul Khan

Amazon entered the Consumer Robotics space in 2021 with the launch of its first home bot ‘Amazon Astro’. Amazon’s foray into Robotics can be divided into 3 main segments. The first is AWS (Cloud Services), and the second is its Industrial robots, which are related to its warehousing functions, and deliveries. The third segment is its consumer service segment where recently it has introduced its first robot ‘Amazon Astro’. The report summarizes Amazon’s Robotics product portfolio along with key details of its new product targeting the Service Robot market, key partnerships, acquisitions, and development focus areas.
Table of Contents:
  • Company Overview
  • Product Overview
  • Product: Key Features and BoM Cost Analysis 
  • Patents and Partnerships
  • Investments and Acquisitions
Number of pages: 24
Published Date: July 2022


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