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Consumer Service Robots – Ecosystem Analysis 2022

Jun 27, 2022 | Author : Anshika Jain and Varun Gupta

Consumer service robots’ are defined as robots that assist humans in performing a task or activity and are designed to interact with them directly or indirectly. With the advancement of AI, the prices of technical components and software are going down making the robots more affordable day by day. There have also been improvements in technologies like speech recognition, vision technology, etc, which have helped to drive the growth of this market. In this analysis, the consumer service robots have been broken into house service robots, companion robots, delivery robots, education robots, hotel robots and medical robots.
This detailed report on the Global Consumer Service Robotics market gives an overview of the different segments along with the major growth drivers, regional contributions, success factors, challenges, and business model details. This also covers total Global Consumer Service Robotics shipments and revenue from 2021 till 2025 along with key trends and market outlook. The report also covers detailed company profiles of key players active in this segment.
Table of Contents:
  • Market Overview
  • Market Segmentation
  • Market Analysis
    • Robot Vacuum Cleaners
    • Companion Robots
    • Delivery Robots
    • Education Robots
    • Hotel Robots
    • Medical Robots
    • Exoskeleton Robots
    • Hospital Delivery Robots
    • Surgical Robots
  • Robotic Industry Ecosystem Analysis
  • Company Profiles
    • Amazon
    • Boston Dynamics
    • Hyundai Robotics
    • LG
    • Samsung
    • Softbank Robotics
    • Telsa
    • Xiaomi
  • Emerging Chinese Start-Ups Profiles
    • Ecovacs
    • Keenon Robotics
    • Ninebot Segway
    • Roborock
    • Ubtech
    • Yunji
  • Conclusion
    • Final Assessment of Robot Categories
    • Key Takeaways
Number of pages: 346
Published Date: June 2022


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