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Smartphone Camera Sensor Trend Report - Q2 2020

Oct 29, 2020 |


Against the backdrop of the COVID-19 pandemic, the smartphone market in Q2 2020 experienced continued improvement in both camera resolution and pixel size. The maximum resolutions of rear and front cameras reached up to 108MP and 40MP plus, respectively. The optical format also grew far beyond 1/2 inch, which enables professional photography experiences previously available only in top-tier DSLR cameras. As big uptake of 5G capable smartphones has been witnessed in developed markets globally from 2020 onwards. This uptrend will continue and result in a growing demand for image sensors with super-high resolutions and large optical formats.

Table of Contents:

  • Executive Summary
  • Smartphone Rear Camera Resolution Trend
  • Smartphone Front Camera Resolution Trend
  • Smartphone Image Sensor Optical Format Mix
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 13
Author: Ethan Qi
Published Date: October 2020


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