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Smartphone DRAM Status Update, 2020 Q4

May 13, 2021 |


DRAM densities in smartphones are growing fast to cater to customer tastes, such as life-like gaming experience and crystal-clear photography. Smartphones need additional resources to support the surging demand of users, and DRAM proves to be a critical component here.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction. 
  • Market Trends. 
  • Trend 1: Smartphone DRAM Capacity Rising in High Gear. 
  • Trend 2: Brand-wise RAM Size Ranking. 
  • Trend 3: New Minimum for Smartphone DRAM: 4 GB. 
  • Trend 4: Better Cameras need More RAM... 

Authors: Brady Wang and Siddharth Bhatla
Number of pages:10
Published date: May 2021



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