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ARM PC Market Trend and Implications 2021

Nov 30, 2021 | Author : Brady Wang


X86 has dominated the PC industry for decades. In the past, the ARM architecture was thought to be suitable only for low power consumption but low computing power systems. However, things have changed lately. With a new architecture, ARM is beginning to break into high-performance computing domains such as PCs and servers. Apple’s 2020 silicon demonstrates that the ARM architecture is no match for the X86 architecture in terms of performance. New fabrication technologies, such as 5nm or 3nm, are necessary because of the benefits of lower cost and higher computing power. ARM PCs and smartphones share a common architecture as well as a similar ecosystem. This is an advantage for existing vendors in the smartphone ecosystem because they can leverage existing resources. Therefore, we believe that for smartphone AP vendors and current smartphone OEMs, PCs are the next battlefield. This research discusses the ARM PC trend, as well as its evolution and future prospect.

Table of Contents:

  • ARM PC Market Data.
  • Market Analysis. 
  • Why ARM PC. 
  • Current Status of ARM PC Market. 
  • New ARM instruction set - ARMv9. 
  • Market trends. 
  • Trend One. 
  • Trend Two. 
  • Conclusion.

Number of Pages: 7

Published Date: November 2021


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