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Global Smartphone AP-SOC Shipment & Forecast Tracker by Model - Q1 2022

Jun 6, 2022 | Author : Shivani Parashar, Parv Sharma

“The global smartphone AP (Application Processor)/SoC (System on Chip) chipset shipments declined by 5% YoY in Q1 2022 due to impact of the COVID variants, slow China market, global financial pressures including inflation and the spread of market uncertainty caused by the Ukraine-Russia crisis. MediaTek leads the smartphone SoC market with a share of 38%, driven by a competitive 5G SoC and high demand for the 4G SoC.

This report tracks the smartphone AP/SoC Shipments by Model for all the vendors. The scope of this report is from the AP/SoC shipments from all the key vendors like Apple, Qualcomm, MediaTek, Huawei, Samsung, and UNISOC. We have covered all the main models starting from Q1 2020 to Q1 2022. We have also included a one-quarter forecast for Q2E 2022. This report will help you to understand the AP/SoC Market from the shipment perspective. Furthermore, we have also covered key specs for these AP/SoC covering market view by:
Network (4G/5G AP/SoC)
Foundry Details (like TSMC, Samsung. etc.)
Process node (5nm, 6nm, 8nm, etc.)
Manufacturing Process (FinFET, N7, N5, etc.)
CPU Cores Architecture and CPU Cores Count
Modem (External/Internal)
Modem Name
Secure Element Presence
Security Chip
AI Accelerator
Table of Contents:
  • Global Smartphone AP/SoC Shipment by model PivotTable
  • Apple AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E 
  • MediaTek AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E
  • Qualcomm AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E
  • Huawei AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E
  • Samsung AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E
  • UNISOC AP/SoC Shipments by Model Q1 2020 – Q2 2022E

Published Date: June 2022


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