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Samsung Galaxy S Series BoM Cost Trend Analysis – S20 Ultra vs S21 Ultra vs S22 Ultra

Jul 29, 2022 | Author : Sujeong Lim

Smartphone OEMs launch a many number of new models every year, trying to satisfy the needs and interest of various users. In particular, the flagship models play an important role in showing off the technical strength and generating higher profits for OEMs.
Recently, it is said that new innovations or technologies cannot be found in new models, but Samsung's Galaxy S series has been continuously developed to provide higher satisfaction to users, and the cost of each part has changed accordingly.
This report reveals how the S series has evolved by analyzing the BOM cost of Samsung's Galaxy S20 Ultra, S21 Ultra, and S22 Ultra, and observing the proportion of component cost for each generation.
Table of Contents:
  • Samsung Galaxy S Series BoM Cost Trends
    • BOM Cost Analysis: Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G (Sub-6) 
    • BOM Cost Analysis: Galaxy S21 Ultra 5G (Sub-6)
    • BOM Cost Analysis: Galaxy S22 Ultra 5G (Sub-6)
    • BOM Cost Comparison and Trends
  • Key Highlights of BoM Cost Trends of Galaxy S
    • Key Highlight 1
    • Key Highlight 2
    • Key Highlight 3
    • Key Highlight 4
    • Key Highlight 5
Number of Pages: 14
Published Date: July 2022


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