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Smart Lighting – The Backbone of a Smart City IoT Solution

Mar 14, 2019 |


Street lighting forms the largest network of powered devices in the world. As we move towards a world of 5G and Internet of Things (IoT), street lighighting networks will play a pivotal role forming the IoT backbone for a smart city. Not only do they provide power, but add sensors and beacons to street light poles and you also get connectivity.

This report explores the emerging smart street light IoT opportunity, the various applications, business models as well as technology issues that need to be overcome for street lighting networks to form the skeleton of a smart city. In this report, we also explore the new players and the models that they offer.

Table of Contents:

  • Snapshot
  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Introduction
  • IoT Applications
  • Huawei PoleStar2.0
  • Business Models
  • Players
  • Challenges
  • Viewpoint

Number of Pages: 15
Authors: Gareth Owen
Published Date: March 2019


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