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Global IoT Manufacturing Report - H1 2022

Oct 28, 2022 | Author : Ivan Lam, Soumen Mandal


The report contains the global IoT module manufacturing ecosystem mapping. It demonstrates the global manufacturing status of IoT and key manufacturers. It also provides the prediction with concrete assumptions.

Table of Contents:

  • Introduction
    • Definitions
    • Executive Summary
  • Global Cellular IoT Module Market Review, H1 2022
    • IoT Evolution
    • From Personal to Social and Business Transformation
    • IoT Value Chain is Inherently Complex and Fragmented
    • Key IoT Application Areas
    • Global Cellular IoT Module Market Overview
  • Global Cellular IoT Module Manufacturing Ecosystem Analysis, H1 2022
    • Cellular IoT Module Outsourced Manufacturing Status
    • Leading OEMs’ Outsourced Manufacturing Highlights
    • Top ODMs/EMSs for IoT Module Manufacturing - Overview
    • Top ODMs/EMSs for IoT Module Manufacturing - General Profiling
    • Key OEMs’ In-house Manufacturing Capacity
    • Global IoT Module Manufacturing Outputs
  • Forecasts for H2 2022
    • Forecasting ODM/EMSs’ Performance in H2 2022 and Onwards
    • Forecasting IoT Module ODM/EMS Market in H2 2022 – Assumptions

Number of Pages: 30

Published Date: October 2022


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