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IoT Cellular Module Tracker 2017

Dec 12, 2017 |


According to the latest research from Counterpoint’s IoT (Internet of Things) service, global cellular IoT module shipments grew 8 % Quarterly. The cellular IoT module market is dominated by top five brands contributing two-thirds of the cellular module volume shipments and 81% of the revenues.

  • SIMcom Wireless declined 2% QoQ. However, it remained the market leader with 18 % market share in terms of Cellular Module Shipments. In3Q 2017, SIMcom also launched its LTE Cat M1 Module SIM7000A, Certified by Verizon. It’s based on Qualcomm’s multimode LTE CatM1/NB1/GSM MDM9206.

  • Sierra Wireless declined 4% QoQ. However, it remained in the 2nd with 15 % market share in terms of Cellular Module Shipments. Sierra Wireless also completes its acquisition of Numerex Corp. to accelerate IoT device-to-cloud strategy.

  • Telit grew 2% QoQ with holding 11 % market share in terms of Cellular Module Shipments. Telit Certifies NB-IoT Modules with Global Mobile Interoperability Regulator, Global Certification Forum (GCF).NE866B1-E1 and NL865B1-E1 modules are among the first to comply with GCF’s new NB-IoT certification guidelines recently ratified by global mobile network.

  • Gemalto grew 4 % QoQ, with holding 9 % market share in terms of Cellular Module Shipments. Gemalto launched 'all-in-one' IoT module (Cinterion PLS62-W), provides 12 band LTE coverage plus fall back to 3G and 2G in a single device. It allows device manufacturers and integrators to develop one application that can connect anywhere in the world, even when solutions move between different regions and cellular network standards. This module is built to support the various application. However, it will be preferable in asset tracking and tracing, telematics, and fleet management solutions.

  • U-blox grew 17 % QoQ  and remained the fastest growing brand with 4 % market share in terms of Cellular Module Shipments. Ercogener developed its first Industry 4.0 modem using U‑blox LTE Cat M1 cellular technology to provide IoT connectivity in EMEA . U‑blox and ercogener a member of Group Zekat, have been working with mobile network operator Orange to develop the first LTE Cat M1 cellular modem, providing connectivity and secure data transfer for a wide range of applications including asset trackers and fleet management systems.

Table of Contents:

  • Shipments Analysis 

         -   Cellular Module Shipments
         -   Cellular Module Shipments Market Share %
         -   Cellular Module Shipments Market Analysis

  • Revenue Analysis

           -   Cellular Module Revenue
           -   Cellular Module Revenue Market Share %
           -   Cellular Module Revenue Market  Analysis

  • Average Selling Price Analysis

           -   Cellular Module ASP (US$)
           -   Cellular Module ASP Market Analysis

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Published Date: Dec 2017


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