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Geo IoT: Transforming the Global Freight Industry

Jun 21, 2018 |


This report looks at progress in the adoption of Geo IoT in the global intermodal container market and highlights the key drivers behind the adoption, the benefits to logistics and cargo owners and the changing market dynamics because of Geo IoT adoption. An overview of the Geo IoT container market value chain and ecosystem with key players is also provided.

Table of Contents:

  • Key Planning Assumptions
  • Freight – planes, trains and ships
  • Key Market Drivers
  • Technological Developments
  • Market Adoption and Key Industry Trends
  • Market Impact of Geo IoT
  • Market Size, Value Chain and Key Players
  • Key Issues and Challenges
  • Conclusion

Number of Pages: 22
Authors: Peter Richardson
Published Date: June 2018


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